DaysLeft Mobile App Information


The Trip screen displays a summary of your currently set Schengen Period, your associated allowance and a list of the trips that you have entered. If a trip is greyed out then it is not included as part of the current allowance calculations. To delete a trip swipe it left and use the Delete button.

There are also number of buttons available:

  • - Timeline/List - used to select between the List and Timeline trip view
  • - Period Start - used to change the date of the start of the Schengen Period
  • - Today - set the start of the Schengen Period to today
  • - Add - add a new trip

Timeline View

The trip Timeline view displays the currently selected Schengen Period from day 1 to day 180, where the start date can be altered using the Period Start button. It displays a list of the dates between the start and end of the period along with the DaysLeft for each date.

The trips that fall within that period are also shown, this includes any trips that only partially count towards the calculation.


The passport screen displays a list of any passport where details have been entered. The information displayed includes the results of checks carried out.

  • - Expired - has the passport expired?
  • - Less than 6 months left - does the passport have less than 6 months left?
  • - Over 10 years old - is the passport over 10 years old?
  • - Less than 3 months left - does the passport have less than 3 months left?

If a passport is under 10 years old and has more than 3 months left additional information is displayed showing The last entry date and the lastest return date for a Schengen area.

Data Backup and Restore

feature for release with version 1.7.0

There is a new button on screen at the right hand side of the title which can be used to bring up the Backup and Restore Options.

If you using this functionality PLEASE read and understand the warning shown first. While data backup will not cause any problems data restore can! If you restore the wrong file you could corrupt or delete your existing data.

There is an undo facility but bear in mind that the undo data is always the last data before the restore, so if you restore twice you will be undoing the last restore.


DaysLeft is provided for informational purposes only and its use and the reliance on any data it calculates is entirely at your own risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with any rules and regulations that are required for travel.