DaysLeft Mobile App Information

Intro Screen

The intro screen is displayed at start up, when you have no trips recorded. To get started just use the indicated button to add your first trip

The application currently assumes that for visa-free Schengen travel you are allowed to use a maximum of 90 days in a 180 day period. It does this by either calculating 180 days from the current date, or if you have a planned trip in the future, it will use the date of return of the latest trip.

If you are not sure if a trip falls within your allowance, just enter it into the app and see what affect it has on your allowance. You can always delete the trip by swiping it left.

Trip Entry Screen

This screen is used to either add a new trip OR edit the details of an existing trip. Here you can select

  • - the country you are visiting (or just lave as Europe)
  • - give the trip a description so you know what it is about
  • - set the start date of the trip
  • - set the end date of the trip

To select either a start or end date just click on the date. This will display a popup dialog allowing you to select the date you want.

Remember: if the start of a trip is after the end of the displayed 180 period then it will no longer count towards your allowance as it is more than the 180 days old.

Main Screen

The top part of the main screen display a summary of your calculated visa-free Schengen allowance and is based on the current trips that are displayed in the list below.

Each displayed trip ticket shows:

  • - The trip description
  • - The start and end date of the trip
  • - The duration of the trip in days
  • - The area you are visiting

It also shows the Schengen days used. This is a calculated value and is dependent on the start of the 180 day period. Sometimes a trip will be within this period so all days will count towards your 90 day allowance, sometimes only part of the trip will count and sometimes the trip is outside the 180 day period and so will show 0 days used.

Delete a Trip

To delete a trip simply swipe the Trip Ticket to the left and select the Delete icon.